Our Story

How it all started...

Our story is an extension of a story already in motion for the last nearly 10 years....however the individual story of Hope City South is really just getting started. We began not as a plan or a witty idea but as a prophecy!  In September of 2019 Apostle Brian M. Williams received multiple prophetic words about God expanding the vision of Hope City and how He was going to give us land and buildings and that they would be supernaturally funded to expand the mission and build the kingdom of God.  Then in December of that same year we acquired the building located at 120 Southwood Ave. by God's grace and again the entire thing was marked by God's supernatural provision!  

Soon After...

Apostle Brian, by the leading of the Holy Ghost, appointed Pastor Carl and Dr. Cassandra Wright to lead the south side mission and from there we began to prepare for the planting of a life-changing, life-giving ministry.

On the evening of Sunday, April 25th, 2021 Pastor Carl was installed as the Lead Pastor of Hope City South and the building was dedicated to the Lord for the use of ministry.  It was a POWERFUL night in the presence of God and surely the height of the conception of  Hope City House of Prayer South!

On Sunday, May 2nd, 2021 we held our first full service and from there IT HAS BEGUN!

Where we are headed...

Hope City South is moving full force ahead as we birth out all that God has given us to be and to do!  We have a local mission and a global mandate meaning we are excited to put down roots here on the south side of Columbus and take every opportunity to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the transforming power of His Spirit!  SO MANY TESTIMONIES are on the way and we can't wait to share all the stories of God's amazing grace and His unmatched favor.  
Meet us every Sunday at 11am as we gather to worship!